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in delivering an outstanding restaurant service experience!"

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ESTIMATED BUDGET (TO DESIGN A PROGRAM): 4,500. to 6,500. / 7,000. to 9,000. / 9,500. to 11,500. / 12,000. - UP

Great for all  of your staff including  waitresses, waiters, busboys, cooks, and managers!

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Every participant will also receive the book
Restaurant Customer Service Superstars!

 “Your presentation was the highlight and an appropriate climax to a great week...had people come to my office to thank me for the best thing we have ever done at Gane.” 
Gane Brothers

Restaurant Seminar Overview:
When all is said and done, the only lasting impression that your guests are going to remember about their restaurant experience is the service that was provided to them.
Sure the food tasted great, but how your guests were treated will be the only memory that they will take with them when deciding whether or not to return.

In our Restaurant Service Starts With a Smile Training Cary will show your staff how to consistently provide an outstanding restaurant service experience to every guest who walks through your doors.  Your team will learn what the best restaurants do right when it comes to providing a great first impression and what your guests are truly wanting in a service experience at your restaurant.
Your team will learn how to project professionalism on the job and consistently be able to exceed the expectations of every guest who visits your restaurant.  They will also learn that they are in the people business and the more that they can connect in a warm and friendly manner with each guest, the higher the customer service ratings will be.

Whether you are a five-star resort restaurant or a small town family owned establishment, the insights gained in the training will enhance the restaurant service that you are presently offering to your guests and set you apart from the zillions of other restaurants that you are competing against.

The training is applicable for every person on your staff.  Whether it is your waitresses, waiters, busboys, cooks, or managers, everyone will take away easy to follow ideals that will assist them in consistently delivering an outstanding service experience!
Our Seminars Include
the Following:
​​ Top Highlights of the Seminar:
- Learn the Six Major Attitudes of Every Customer Service Superstar:

- Friendliness - You Only Have 30 Seconds to Make an Impression

- Enthusiasm - How to Enhance the Experience for Your Customer

- Caring - Why Caring is the Only Genuine Way to Create Loyalty
- Respect - How Showing Respect Conveys Our Willingness to Serve
- Encouragement - Building Great Internal Customer Service
- Thankfulness - Understanding the Power of Showing Appreciation
- How to Instantly Win Your Customers
- Everything Starts and Ends with Our Tone of Voice

​- What the Best Telephone Service Companies Do Right
- Understanding the Importance of Proper Etiquette
- How to Handle a Complaint in a Positive Manner
- Why Your Attitude Matters the Most in Rating Your Service
- How Customers are Really Rating Their Service Experience
- How to Professionally Win Over an Upset Customer
- Why Every Employee Matters in Building Great Service
- How to Instantly Create a 5-Star Telephone Experience
- The Real Secret is Showing Caring and Empathy

America's Customer Service
Go-To Guy Cary Cavitt!
The Book Restaurant Service Superstars
Each Participant!
5 Follow-up Videos to Use

for Future Service Training!
PDF Service Presentation

for Future Service Training!
Large Reminder Posters

Featuring the Six Attitudes!
Poster & Magnet Attitude

Reminders for Everyone!
What's Included in Our Seminars?

1.   Onsite Service Starts With a Smile Seminar:  We come to your location to conduct the seminar!

2.   Customer Service Superstars: The authored book Restaurant Customer Service Superstars to each audience participant that will go along with the training.

3.   Customer Service PDF Presentation for Future Training:  You will receive the Service Starts With a Smile Powerpoint presentation (in a pdf format) that can be used for future staff customer service training.

4.   Five Follow-up Customer Service Videos:  Links that you will be able to email videos out to all participants as follow-up reminders on the key points on providing outstanding customer service.  We recommend emailing one out each week for five straight weeks.

5.   Follow-up Complimentary 90-Day Pass to Watch Our Popular 3 Series Online Videos:  These videos are great as follow-up reminders on the highlights of the training seminar (79 minutes total time).
​​6.   Six 11 x 17 Reminder Posters Featuring the Six Major Superstar Attitudes:  These posters are great to post up as reminders of the six major attitudes of every Customer Service Superstar!

7.   11 x 6 Glossy Poster Featuring the Six Major Superstar Attitudes:  All participants will receive an 11 x 6 poster featuring the six major attitudes of a Customer Service Superstar!

8.   Small Magnets Featuring the Six Major Superstar Attitudes:  All participants will receive a small magnet reminder featuring the six major attitudes of a Customer Service Superstar!

9.   Service Starts With a Smile Completion Diploma: You will receive a diploma that you will be able to copy and write each participant's name on as a completion diploma.

10.   Prizes & Tee-Shirt Seminar Giveaways:  There will be prizes along with give-away "Attitude is Everything" tee-shirts during the seminar!

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What Others are Saying About the Training:

"I've taken many customer service classes and this was the best one."

- Library of Congress

"Had people thank me for the best thing we have ever done."

- Gane Brothers

"The training seminar
was amazing."

- Microsoft

"I have received nothing but positive feedback."

- Sam Houston State University

"Listening to your presentation on the 6 attitudes was energizing."

- Emerald Lawn Care

"We are very appreciative and got some great feedback.  Thank you!"

- Hospira

"We received some outstanding feedback already!"

- Pier 39 San Francisco

"A talented and energetic keynote speaker to whom people can relate."

- Cincinnati Libraries

"Everyone had a great time!"

- St. Clair College

"Cary was dynamic, captivating, and humorous."

- Palatine Libraries

"The sessions were well-received and extremely valuable."

- CP Laboratories

"Really got me to open my eyes to service. Outstanding seminar!"

- PGA of America

"Cary is a master at understanding and teaching service excellence."
- Golf Nation

"Great job yesterday."

- Lavelle law

"the staff told me it was the best experience they have ever had."

- UTMB Galveston