We Provide 4 Training Choices
Choose from the following 4 options to train your team:

#1  Onsite LIVE Seminar with Cary
We Come to Your Location!
We offer onsite 1,2,3 hour & full day Service Starts With a Smile Seminars
where we travel to your location.

Microsoft customer service seminar
Land Rover customer service seminars
Customer service training Sonic Healthcard
Presenting a seminar
at Microsoft.
Presenting a seminar
at Land Rover.
Presenting a seminar
at Sonic Healthcare.

​​"I look forward to showing your team the real secret
in delivering an outstanding service experience!"

#2  Online LIVE Webinar with Cary
Learn from the comfort of your computer!
We also offer 1-hour LIVE Service Starts with a Smile Seminars
online for your entire team!  

#3  LIVE TeleConference with Cary
Learn from the comfort of your telephone!
We also offer 1-hour LIVE TeleConference Starts with a Smile Seminars
on the telephone for your entire team!  

#4  Online Video Training with Cary
Learn from our online videos!
We also offer online Starts with a Smile Seminars
video training for your entire team!