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"The service training was amazing."
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LIVE TeleConference with Cary
Learn from the comfort of your telephone
We offer 1-hour LIVE TeleConference Starts with a Smile Seminars
on the telephone for your entire team!  

    We also offer 1-hour LIVE Service Starts with a Smile Seminars TeleConferences for your entire team!  Cary will not only teach your team how to instantly become a customer service superstar, but he'll show your company how to instantly turn your customer service from average to great!

The TeleConference will be open for discussion as well as a Q & A session!

​​"I look forward to showing your team the real secret
in delivering an outstanding service experience!"

Join a 1-Hour LIVE TeleConference:

​​ 1.  Purchase a below 1-hour TeleConference with Paypal

2.  Get a call within 24 hours from Cary to set up a TeleConference date

3. Your team will receive a phone number and code to enter the TeleConference     

Teleconference Meeting Fee:

2-3 People...   $249 total
4-5 People...   $399 total
6-10 People...   $499 total
11-15 People...   $599 total
16-20 People...   $699 total
21-30 People...   $799 total
31-40 People...   $899 total
41-50 People...   $999 total
51- 75 People...   $1299 total