What the audience from the Library of Congress are saying:

​ “I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation! You’re very funny and you shared great information with us. Thank you!”
– Mrs. C. M.

“Mr. Cavitt, you are phenomenal! You’ve given me the tools to make my existence better as well as others in my life! Please keep up the good work.”
– Mrs. T. H.
    “Very encouraging and inspirational. I learned a lot from the class. You are very interactive. This was the BEST customer service class I’ve ever taken.”

    “Thank you so much. You were awesome. What I appreciated about the class is the reassurance of building trust at all times."
    “Cary, I appreciated you for taking the time to share with our group on customer service. You are truly a blessing! I will take away from this session today listening to others without putting more of me in the conversation. Continue the EXCELLENT WORK!

– Batini

“I’ve taken many customer service classes and this was the best one. You took a different approach as we did not have to do the usual – sit in groups and role play."
“I appreciate the comprehensive nature of the presentation. Points can be used in all aspects of life…not just at work. Clear points made. Usable too!"
“The class was motivating and fun. Good job keeping everyone engaged.

– Mr. J. D.
    “Your attitude about the class grabbed my attention. You truly are a people’s person. I will honestly incorporate all of the attitudes in my daily living. Thank you!”
    “Great job Cary. I learned that I am in the ‘people’ business!”

– Mrs. R.B.
    “The seminar was well thought out and inspirational. I believe more people will benefit by learning to use words of encouragement when responding to others.”​
   “The class was very good. You taught life lessons that tied into customer service. Your enthusiasm and compassion shows in your work.”

– Mrs. D. P.
“Thank you! You are amazing and I look forward to reading your books.”

– Mr. A. K.
     “I was very impressed and enriched by your seminar. These 6 tools of customer service can enhance my relationship with people on the job as well as outside the job.”

- Mr. K. W.
    “You are refreshing and your message is awesome! Stay blessed and keep doing what you do!”

– Mrs. J. B.
    “This training is outstanding.”

– Mrs. B. K.

“It takes a special person to do what you do. Marvelous job!”

– Sandy
        “I appreciated the simplicity of the presentation. Engaging and sincere."

​     “Thank you for your time and knowledge. It has been a great encouragement and has been enlightening."

​"Thank you for coming to the Library of Congress to conduct customer service training. I really appreciate the short stories and the personal application that you apply for good customer service everywhere.”